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Rejuran reduce Wrinkles, Skin Healing, Anti Aging

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Rejuran Singapore

Repair and heal damaged skin – Anti aging

The newest addition to the skinboosters lineup, Rejuran Healer is the latest aesthetic treatment boosts collagen formation and repair damaged skin.

The main ingredient is Polynucleotides (PN), which are generated from salmon DNA, unlike other forms of Hyaluronic acid-based skinboosters.

Polynucleotides are DNA fragments responsible for healing injured skin cells and increase collagen synthesis by promoting fibroblast proliferation. According to studies, PN derived from salmon DNA is extremely safe and suitable with human skin.

Injected in similar fashion to Skinboosters (tiny micro injections), it can also be injected manually through a syringe for targetted area.

Other than anti aging capabilities, it is also effective for:

  • Improve and firm skin elasticity 
  • Reduce wrinkles and lines
  • Minimize pore size
  • Hydrating skin
  • Improve appearance of acne scars

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Benefits of Rejuran

Improve Skin Elasticity – Promote cell growth through collagen production

Brighten & Tighten Skin – Healing capabilities of Polynucleotides

Repair Skin Cell – Salmon DNA has biocompatibility with human skin

Refine Pores – Repairs damaged skin and collagen structures

Skin Hydration – Hydrate skin up to 14.69% in a medical study

What is Rejuran?

Rejuran is an injectable “skin healer” that improves the biological state of injured skin by introducing biocompatible Salmon DNA fragments (polynucleocide).

Also known as 婴儿针 in Chinese,  the treatment enhances the physiological conditions of your deep skin tissues, which improves your skin’s health organically.

This is accomplished by delivering salmon DNA straight to your skin’s inner layer (dermis layer). Many studies has been shown in studies the effectiveness to treat aged skin by renewing and rebuilding the skin from the inside out.

Rejuran Price Singapore – How much does Rejuran Costs?

Rejuran price in Singapore can range from $650 – $1000. Keep in mind that there are a lot of “fake” products, it is advised to ask the clinic for proof of legitimacy.

We are a premium supplier at Cosmo Medical Aesthetic Clinic, and we only utilize genuine injectables. We adhere to the highest safety standards and believe in price transparency.


Transparent Price 


TYPE Price from
Healer $650
I (Eyes) $500
S (Scars) $500


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Treatment Areas for Rejuran

Healer can be injected into any parts of the face or neck, including back of hand and beneath the eyes.

The treatment is effective to treat wrinkles in the neck. Our experienced doctors will give you an extensive consultation to explain benefits and risks.

What conditions can Rejuran treat?



enlarged pores

Enlarged Pores

acne scars

Acne Scars

dark eye circles

Dark Eye Circles

Types of Rejuran

Under the Rejuran family, there are 3 types of injectables targeting different skin goals:

  • Healer – Overall skin healing & rejuvenate face
  • Rejuran S – Targetted at scars and acne scars
  • Rejuran I – Rejuvenate eye region

The main ingredient for all 3 are Salmon DNA (Polynucleotides) and is more concentrated form compared to the pharmaceutical grade skin treatments.

Rejuran Healer

rejuran healer
HSA Approved
$650 / session
Skin healing & rejuvenation
Minimal down time
Medium viscosity

Rejuran S

rejuran s (scar)
HSA Approved
$600 / session
Acne Scars & Scars
Minimal down time
High viscosity

Rejuran I

rejuran i (eyes)
HSA Approved
$600 / session
Rejuvenate under eye
Minimal down time
Low viscosity

Profhilo vs Rejuran

rejuran vs profhilo

Difference between Profhilo & Rejuran

Profhilo is the latest contender in the injectables scene. Similar to healer, Profhilo can stimulate collagen and is beneficial for anti aging.

The main difference lies in the main ingredient. Profhilo is made out of 2 types of hyaluronic acid: L-HA & H-HA. It has the highest hyaluronic acid count  at 32mg/ml

  • Profhilo only requires 5 injection points per face
  • Profhilo can only target cheeks
  • Rejuran can target the whole face

Although, Profhilo seems more superior, the current injection sites of Profhilo can only be done on the cheeks & neck.  Therefore, upper parts of the face may not be properly treated.

For a full face treatment, the combination of Rejuran and Skinboosters is still an excellent alternative.

What is the difference between Rejuran & Skinboosters?

rejuran skin booster

Rejuran vs Skin Booster

The main difference between Rejuran & Skin Boosters is the ingredient used. Skin booster consist of mainly hyaluronic acid while the other contains polynucleocide (Salmon DNA).

  • Skin Booster is for skin brightening & hydration
  • Rejuran can stimulate collagen & repair skin cells

For best skin results, it is recommended to use for both treatments concurrently.

Both injectables are effective treatments to target anti aging skin conditions.


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Rejuran Healer Before and After


Due to MOH regulations, Rejuran before and after photos cannot be publicly displayed. Please Whatsapp or Make an appointment with us to get more information.

The treatment is injected into the skin’s surface and numbing cream will be applied to minimize and discomforts. There is minimal downtime and normal activities can be resumed after.


Rejuran Review

Prior to the treatment, numbing cream will be applied to ensure minimal pain and discomfort. Each injection feels like a little ant bite and many of our patients find it bearable.

At Cosmo Medical Aesthetic Clinic, we only provide HSA and FDA approved injectable treatments. We only use original injectables to ensure highest quality of safety.

Dr. Yap is highly experienced in injectables and has performed many procedures with satisfied patients.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How many treatment is required?

We recommend 2 ml of Healer per face treatment.

At the beginning 3–4 treatments is required, at 4 weeks apart

Thereafter, for maintenance, only one treatment is required every 6–12 months to maintain collagen stimulation and skin improvement.


When can i see the results?

The skin repair process is largely dependant on individual’s cellular turnover rate. However, significant improvement can already be seen within a few days after the first treatment.

The best results will be visible after the 3 – 4th session.


Is there any downtime?

There is minimal downtime as the needle used is very fine (smaller than Botox).

Some patients may experience small bumpiness immediately after the treatment. Rest assured, it is very common and it will subside within 30 – 60 mins.


Is there any side effects?

Rejuran consists of highly biocompatible DNA fragments that are extremely similar to those found in our bodies; many studies have shown that there are no serious adverse effects, such as tolerance or immunological/allergic responses.

Immediately after the treatment, slight redness, swelling, and discomfort are common side effects that will go away after 24 hours.

Bruising is uncommon, but if it does occur, it might remain about 1 – 2 weeks before fading.


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