Botox treat Wrinkles, Muscle Reduction, Excessive Sweating

Price from $15 / unit

Botox Singapore

Eliminate those wrinkles and fine lines.

Botox is the secret behind many celebrities “never aging” face. Everyday, we tend to have repetitive muscular contractions from frowning, squinting, smiling and lifting the brows.

As we age, the excessive contractions will cause appearance of wrinkles and fine line all over the face. The most common wrinkles are frown lines, crow’s feet, and forehead lines.

To simplify, when botulinum toxin is injected, it will block the signal to the nerves responsible for contracting, allowing your muscles to relax.

When your muscles are relaxed, the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines will be significantly reduced.

What is Botox?

Botox is an anti aging injectable that uses a toxin known as onobotulinumtoxinA to temporarily paralyze a muscle. The bacteria that causes botulism, a kind of food poisoning, produces this toxin.

Commonly known as Botulinum toxin, there are 2 other popular brand, Xeomin and Dysport. They are not interchangeable because they are slightly different, notably in terms of dosage units.

Aside from eliminating wrinkles, it is also an effective treatment to treat:

  • Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)
  • Grinding teeth (bruxism)
  • Muscle contraction (calf reduction)
  • Jaw line slimming

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Benefits of Botox

Eliminate wrinkles – Reduce appearance of wrinkles & fine lines

Jawline Slimming – Shrink jaw (masseter) muscles up to 60% – 80%

Excessive Sweating – Target sweat glands to minimize sweating

How does Botox Injection Work?

how does botox injection works?


Wrinkles & fine lines are a part of the aging process. Over time, the lines will deepen and become deeper due to the absence of collagen and the continuous muscle movements (facial expressions).

Lines that forms when you smile or frown are referred to dynamic wrinkles. With no proper skin care routine and sun screen, the wrinkles will eventually get deeper.

Botox injections contains a toxin onobotulinumtoxinA. When it is injectied, the toxins will block the transmission of impulses between muscle fibers and neurons to weaken the muscles.

The weakened the muscles will prevent contractions reducing wrinkles. You will experienced an overall lifting and youthful appearance.

Only HSA-approved injectables are used at Cosmo Medical Aesthetic Clinic.

Botox Price Singapore – How much does Botox cost?

Depending on which clinic you visit, Botox price in Singapore can vary from $150 – $1800. The price depends on which brand (Btx, Xeomin, Dysport) and where you want to target.

Patients can purchase a whole bottle (100 units) or based on specific areas you want to target.

At Cosmo Medical Aesthetic, we are committed to price transparency and do not practise hard selling.


Botox Price Singapore


Forehead lines – Female  (Frontalis) $280 $250 8 – 25 units
Forehead lines – Male (Frontalis) $330 $300 8 – 25 units
Frown Lines – Female (Glabella) $280 $250 8 – 20 units
Frown Lines – Male (Glabella) $330 $300 8 – 20 units
Brow Lift

$198 per side

$160 per side 8 – 20 units
Crow’s Feet $198 per side $160 per side 8 – 20 units
Nose Lines (Bunny Lines) $280 $250 4 – 10 units
Nose Lines (Bunny Lines) $280 $250 4 – 10 units
Jaw Line – Female (Masseter muscles) $690 $598 40 – 80 units
Jaw Line – Male (Masseter muscles) $890 $790 40 – 80 units
Chin $230 $198 4 – 8 units
Gummy Smile $230 $198 4 – 8 units
Neck lines $790 $600 8 – 20 units
Dermalift Mirco-injections $790 $600 8 – 20 units
Sweat Control: Underarms / Palms $1500 $1200 100 – 120 units
Calf Reduction $1500 $1200 100 – 200 units
Ala Carte Add on Per Unit $15/ unit $12 / unit $12 / unit

*Price quoted all subject to prevailing government taxes. Prices is not fixed and depends on the unit required to treat.
*Units required is an estimation based on average patients. It is best to consult our doctor based on individual needs.


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Treatment Areas for Botox


Jaw Botox

Jaw Botox, also know as masseter botox can be used to reduce the size of the face for an overall slimmer effect.

Patients who suffer from bruxism or jaw clenching abuse their masseter muscles, which causes them to expand and create the appearance of a square jawline.

When Botulinum toxin is injected into the masseter muscle, it relaxes and stops contracting the muscle up to 60% – 80%.

Once the masseter muscle diminishes in size over you can expect a slimmer face with sharper jaw line.

Dysport vs Botox vs Xeomin

The three popular brands are Dysport, Xeomin, and Botox. All three brands have the same goal with slight variations.

  • Dysport spreads well (suited for bigger regions – Jaws)
  • Botox for minor repairs (More suitable to target wrinkles)
  • Xeomin is the purest (Our body will become less resistant)

Dysport is less expensive than the other two kinds. Dysport produces benefits in 1–2 days, while Botox and Xeomin take 2–3 days.

Some clinics in Singapore employ non-HSA authorized Botulinum Toxin (typically from Korea and China). To ensure your safety, always check with your doctor.


botox - types of botox
HSA Approved
$15 – $25 / unit
Slower than Dysport, Faster than Xeomin
3 – 6 months
1:1 unit with Xeomin


dysport - types of botox
HSA Approved
$15 – $25 / unit
Slower than Dysport, Faster than Xeomin
3 – 6 months
1:1 unit with Xeomin


xeomin - types of botox
HSA Approved
$15 – $25 / unit
Slower than Dysport, Faster than Xeomin
3 – 6 months
1:1 unit with Xeomin

Botox Before and After


Due to MOH regulations, Botox before and after photos cannot be publicly displayed. Please Whatsapp or Make an appointment with us to get more information.

Immediately after your injection, you may experience a little stinging sensation, similar to a mosquito bite. The injection site may also develop a tiny bump. Worry not, they will vanish shortly.

For some individual, bruising is possible. However, it will be minor and should go away in a few days.

After a few days, you will feel that the muscles at the target area are weakened. There will be a tightening sensation and most of your wrinkles will no longer appear.


Botox Side Effects

Generally, Botox injections in Singapore have a good safety track record and it must be administered by a MOH approved doctor.

Nevertheless, every aesthetic treatments does come with its own set of potential risks and side effects. Although it is rare, the possible side effects of Botox are:

After the injection:

Possible pain, edema, or bruising.
Symptoms flu or headache may arise
Possible eyelid drooping or
Drooling or a crooked smile
Excessive weeping or eye dryness

Aesthetic clinic treatment is not recommended if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Botox Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Botox Meaning

Botox is commonly used by cosmetic doctors worldwide to treat wrinkles and facial crease. Botox is a brand name for a toxin produced by the Clostridium botulinum bacteria.

Other brands, such as Dysport and Xeomin, are also available.


Is Botox a safe treatment?

Yes, it is generally a safe treatment with very minimal side effects. Do ensure that you seek a reputable clinic for your injections.

The treatment can be do together with HIFU and Profhilo


How long does Botox last?

Botulinum toxin can last up to 4 – 6 months depending on targetted area. Every individual has a different experience and results may vary.



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