Botox Before and After

botox before and after

Botox Singapore

The use of Botox is primarily used to address anti aging conditions such as reducing the appearance of facial wrinkles.

Botox injections are the most popular cosmetic surgery with million people receiving Botox treatment worldwide.

Although the results of Botox is very effective, the benefits are not permanent, lasting between 3 and 12 months depending on area of treatment.

This popular injectable is a FDA approved and have a good safety record. There are many before and after photos to back the effectiveness of the results.

Jaw Botox Before and After

jaw botox before and after

Jaw Botox is one of the most popular procedure after wrinkles.

Injected at the masseter muscles, it can shrink jaw muscles down by 60% – 80% for a slimmer face effect.

After the treatment, it will take 2 – 4 weeks for visible results. Thereafter it will last 4 – 6 months, depending on individual.

The effectiveness is evident from before and after photos.

Unfortunately before and after photos cannot be publicly displayed due to MOH regulations. Do Whatsapp us and we can share more information with you.


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Other Botox Before and After

botox before and after

The other popular injection site for Botox are:

  • Frown lines
  • Around Eyes
  • Brow Lift

Frown lines botox before and after

Glabellar lines are the technical term for frown lines. Botox can be used to eliminate lines form between the brows and above the bridge of the nose.

Frown lines are created by repeated expressions over time, such as brow following and squinting.

Depending on severity of frown lines, it requires 8 – 20 units and can last from 4- 8 months.


Botox around eyes before and after

Botox around the eyes helps smooth out wrinkles, but it must be repeated every four to six months to maintain the results.

It is suitable for patients who want to avoid eyelid surgery with no downtime.

The results from Botox around eye before and after shows visible improvements in wrinkles and fine lines.


Botox brow lift before and after

Botox brow lift is an effective treatment to alleviate frown lines between the brows.

Overall result can help to raise the height of your brows. The injection relaxes the muscles beneath the skin allowing the eye brow to lift.

A Botox brow lift can last between 3 and 6 months. When the Botox wears off, the wrinkles in the forehead can reappear and the smoothing effect of the Botox will fade.

Botox Price Singapore


Forehead lines – Female  (Frontalis) $280 $250 8 – 25 units
Forehead lines – Male (Frontalis) $330 $300 8 – 25 units
Frown Lines – Female (Glabella) $280 $250 8 – 20 units
Frown Lines – Male (Glabella) $330 $300 8 – 20 units
Brow Lift

$198 per side

$160 per side 8 – 20 units
Crow’s Feet $198 per side $160 per side 8 – 20 units
Nose Lines (Bunny Lines) $280 $250 4 – 10 units
Nose Lines (Bunny Lines) $280 $250 4 – 10 units
Jaw Line – Female (Masseter muscles) $690 $598 40 – 80 units
Jaw Line – Male (Masseter muscles) $890 $790 40 – 80 units
Chin $230 $198 4 – 8 units
Gummy Smile $230 $198 4 – 8 units
Neck lines $790 $600 8 – 20 units
Dermalift Mirco-injections $790 $600 8 – 20 units
Sweat Control: Underarms / Palms $1500 $1200 100 – 120 units
Calf Reduction $1500 $1200 100 – 200 units
Ala Carte Add on Per Unit $15/ unit $12 / unit $12 / unit

*Price quoted all subject to prevailing government taxes. Prices is not fixed and depends on the unit required to treat.
*Units required is an estimation based on average patients. It is best to consult our doctor based on individual needs.


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