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Fat Freeze


Fat Freezing 360° Promotion

Fat freeze, also known as cryolipolysis, is a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment that uses freezing to eliminate fat cells. 360° Fat Freeze Singapore is increasingly popular due to its safety record and effective results.

  1. Eliminate up to 30% fats 
  2. Safely eliminate fat cells without harming the surrounding tissues
  3. 30 mins treatment with no down time

The perfect alternative to traditional liposuction, Fat Freeze can achieve similar results with minimal down time and side effects. Cosmo Aesthetic is using the latest 360° fat freezing technology.

Recovery Time: 0 to 1 Day

Treatment Time: 40- 60 mins

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  • Trial Price is valid for online purchase only
  • Bookings with last min cancellation 24 hours before will be treated as trial redeemed, and reverted back to Ala Carte Pricing.
  • Trial Prices limit 1 session per person.
  • Trial session voucher is valid for 3 months validity.
  • Valid for customers aged 21 and above only.
  • Valid for Singaporean / PR/ EP/ DP/ SP.
  • Present NRIC / valid Work Pass at outlet for verification.
  • Sessions are non-transferable.
  • Trial Price is not valid 2 weeks before CNY. Only Ala-Carte Price is applicable.
  • Management reserves the rights to change the promotion anytime.
  • Sessions bought online are strictly non-refundable. Should there be any request for refund, the amount can be converted to other treatments or products. Cash refund is strictly not allowed.
  • Cancellations should be made 24 hours before the scheduled appointment time. Our staff will text you the day before to confirm the appointment. Should there be any last min cancellation (12 hours before the session), the session will strictly be fully redeemed as a treatment utilised. 
  • Upon purchasing the treatments online, the customer acknowledges that he/she has read and understood the terms and conditions and agrees with it.
  • We will hold your reservation for 10 mins. If customer is late to her appointment, we will have to cut short of the timing booked in, unless there is not other subsequent appointments. We will try our best to accommodate if circumstances allow.
  • Business is GST registered company, Prices include GST.

Redemption Instructions

  • Reservation required at least 3 days in advance.
  • Booking subject to availability.
  • Please ensure that your reservation is made within the validity period stated on your voucher.
  • Call the respective outlets  / Whatsapp us  / email: hello@cosmoclinic.sg for booking with:
    • Name
    • Contact number
    • Preferred date and time
    • Option purchased
    • Attached voucher / Screenshot of purchase
  • Rescheduling / cancellation must be made at least 24 hours prior to original booking.
  • A confirmation request will be sent to the customer 24 hours before his/her scheduled appointment.
  • If the customer does not respond to confirm his/her scheduled appointment, his/her appointment will be cancelled automatically.



What is Fat Freezing?

Fat Freeze Promotion

Non surgical liposuction for permanent fat loss.

Fat freezing is a non-invasive method for reducing body fat. Fat freezing treatment, also known as Cryolipolysis is non invasive, non surgical and can eliminate up to 30% of targetted fats.

Fat Freezing is increasingly popular in Singapore as it can produce similar results as invasive procedure such as liposuction.

Popular fat freezing treatments such as CoolSculpting can target fat cells in your body and cause them to die without harming surrounding healthy tissues.

The benefits of fat freezing are:

  • Eliminate up to 30% fats
  • Use 4 applicators concurrently
  • Target small fat area such as bra fats
  • Safe & effective with no incision


Cool Shaping 2 – 360° Fat Freeze

Compared to old fat freeze technology of 2-sided cooling freeze panels, the 360° can perform surround freezing allowing faster and more effective fat loss.


Increase the treatment area to allow for faster and more effective results.


Simultaneous application of four hand pieces to target 4 different body parts.


The 4 hand piece can run simultaneously, allowing treatment for 2 person at the same time.


Reduced treatment duration improves safety and reduces adverse effects, such as the danger of harm to adjacent tissues.


Fat Freeze Promotion at $99 / cup. For a limited time only




Fat Freezing FAQ: 

1. Which fat freezing machine is it? Is it CoolSculpting? 

The fat freeze machine used at Cosmo Medical Spa is the top of the line Cool Shaping 2 which is Korean Food and Drugs Administration (KFDA) approved. Backed with medical studies, the effectiveness can achieve up to 30% fat  reduction with minimal down time.

The fat freezing machines are not CoolSculpting by Zeltiq.

 2. What is “Fat Freeze Cup” ? 

A cup is a placement of the fat freeze applicator. CoolShaping2 can do up to 4 applications in 1 session. Each placement is charged separately.

3. What is the difference in the cups (mini/ regular/ large)? 

We have different sizing for the cups. There is mini, regular size and large size. They are used to treat different areas. You can use a palm size to approximate a regular size cup. Mini is used for underarm fats, knee fats or double chin fats.

4. Which areas can I treat for Fat Freezing? 




5. Is it possible to lose weight with Fat Freezing? 

Please note that Fat Freezing is not a weight loss treatment. Therefore, it is not a treatment for obesity. Moreover, it also does not replace the benefits of and regular exercise and a balanced diet.

6. So how can fat freezing help me? 

It can help with pinch-able localised fat deposits in areas like tummy, love handles, double chin, armpit/ braline fats, knee fats. It’s a localised fat reduction technology.

7. Do I only need Fat freezing to help me look slimmer? 

Fat freezing is one modality of treatment to help you eradicate localised fats. However when the fat deposits are removed, the treated area may be loose and you may need RF Slim Scupt to help you achieve the ideal body contour. Combination treatments are always recommended to achieve the best results.

With Fat freezing, it also uses a suction / vacuum methodology to help the freezing plates treat a larger area. Prolonged suction will also lead to skin laxity, which can be treated with RF SlimSculpt.

Remember, body contouring and fat reduction are totally different treatments!

8. How often do I have to do the treatment? 

For the same treated area, you should do it once a month. If you’d like to do tummy and thighs, you can come in 1 day to do both tummy and thighs or if you are time pressed, you can come in to do tummy today and thighs the next week too.

9. What is a trial? Do I need to sign up for a package

Each person is only allowed to enjoy maximum 4 cups trial. Once you have utlized the 4 cups trial, you will not be entitled to the trial price anymore.

Body contouring is a customised program. It is not a one-off treatment. Regular maintenance is still required, thus we advice clients to take a program for better value for money.

However if you do not want to take up the package it is also ok! We do not hardsell and force clients to purchase the package.

You can come back to enjoy the treatment based on Non – Member pricing. PM us to check what is our pricing structure.

10. Is fat freeze painful?  

To a certain extent it is not entirely painless. Again, pain is subjective. Some have high tolerance of pain, some have low. However bruising, soreness, hardening of the treated area for up to 3 weeks is to be expected. If you experience the above, there is no reason to be worried as it is EXPECTED. Even if you don’t experience the above, do not worry too as it does not mean that the treatment “doesn’t work”. Every body is different and has different reaction to treatments.

11. You mentioned your machine can do 4 areas at once, why wasn’t it done in my case? 

It depends on which treated area you are looking to do. If you’d like to treat your tummy area and back of thighs, it is not possible to lie on your tummy to do the fat freeze and do your thighs concurrently. It can be done for example, if you want to treat your inner/ outer thighs and tummy.

12. How will I know how many sessions/ cups I will need?  

Every body has different body shapes and sizes as well as their ideal of how they want to look. Come in for a complimentary consultation with our Aestheticians to access your needs and then we will be able to advice accordingly. Without seeing you in person, it is not accurate to give an assessment. Drop us a whatsapp to book an appointment to come in for a complimentary consultation.




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